It’s not a secret that now is the time for visual content and influencer marketing in all spheres, for all brands, including hotels. People trust people. We check buyers’ reviews before booking a hotel room and looking through pictures in Instagram. We value and listen to the opinions of people we trust and influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience.

I am experienced photographer, content creator and influencer with hotels, my experience gave me the idea create online school «Travel WIN-WIN» (going a year now), where I teach other photographers, content creators and influencers not just making high-quality visual content but creating relationships with brands and hotels and building trust. My goal is to make collaborations pleasant, professional, and mutually beneficial for both parties.

Answer to these questions will help me better to understand the needs and desires of you from the other side of hotel influencer marketing - from the inside and use it in teaching process so that influencers will be better prepared for work and (I believe) collaborations will be more successful, productive and easy.


The name of the hotel
What are the key metrics you look at when searching for influencers/content creators? (Visual content (its quality), reach and engagement rate, idea, something else)?
What are top 5 red flags when looking for influencers?
Is there a minimum number of followers that an influencer must have in order to collaborate with a hotel? What’s your view on micro-influencers compared to celebrity influencers?
How often do hotels collaborate with influencers and content creators? Is it possible to have a long-term relationship with one influencer/content creator, or is diversity more important?
Are hotels ready to make not only barter but also paid collaborations (f.e. photo, video licensing, additional promotion on social media)? What qualities should a content creator/influencer have for a hotel to be willing to pay him for a work?
I understand that managers receive a huge number of letters from influencers, what should be the letter in order to attract the manager and not get into the basket? Is a media kit important for you?
Which social media platforms do you use the most and why? (Instagram, Tiktok, youtube, twitter, something else)?
Could you describe please which kind of content do you expect from influencer/content creator?
How would you measure the success of an influencer campaign (what metrics, KPI’s )? Do unsuccessful collaborations happen? Which is your favorite influencer campaign you worked on and why?
Сould you please give any tips for influencers/content creators to make collaborations more productive and influencer work better?
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